Legal destruction certificates

When dismantling your vehicle, it will need to be properly certified to say thatlegal-destruction-certificates it’s no longer in use and off the road. For your convenience, we’ll take care of the process of acquiring destruction certificates and notifying the correct authorities that your vehicle is to be dismantled and stripped for spare parts. We’ve been doing this for over 24 years so rest assured that you’re in reliable hands to correctly and legally have your vehicle certified as destroyed.

We’ll obtain the destruction certificates

•  Destruction certificates for vans

•  Destruction certificates for cars and commercial cars

•  All legal requirements met

•  Our admin team will take care of everything

•  Environmentally friendly

•  Recycling where possible

•  Destruction certificates issued on dismantling

•  Licensed ATF team

For more information on getting a destruction certificate issued, contact us today for all enquiries or if you have a vehicle to be destroyed. With a wealth of experience, you can depend on our team.

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